“Wisdom is PROVED RIGHT by all her CHILDREN.” (Luke 7:35)

In a world of religion, ritual, hierarchy, control, money, marketing, and more flavors than 10,000 Baskin Robbins—how can we know what is Right and True?

Some just give up. Bad move. JESUS LIVES and REIGNS!

Some simply “go along to get along” to conform to culture and biological family. Really bad move, unless you are a lemming and don’t care about the destiny someone else has chosen for you.

But then JESUS, knowing this day would come, said, “By their fruit you shall know them” and “Wisdom is PROVED RIGHT by all her CHILDREN.” (Luke 7:35)

Find some random offspring from whatever you wish you knew more about, look carefully at the second generation, and see if the gates of Hell are prevailing—as they would in a “mere words” and “mere ceremonies” attendance-based religious organization. OR, is satan getting busted in the mouth by that second generation? What is the fruit and the quality of LIVES of the children—once they can make their own choices? Then you’ll Know.

“Wisdom is PROVED RIGHT by all her CHILDREN.” (Luke 7:35)

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